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Man-made soap has been a major moneymaker for ages. Fortunes were made then – and still are still being made today. For all of Europe and the new western hemisphere the stage was set. There was no incentive for businesses to look for a natural soap – particularly something like soap nuts which abundantly grow on trees. Many powerful people had a great thing going. People were getting rich, and nobody wanted to change a thing – with the exception of making the businesses even more profitable via producing cheaper commercial soaps, detergents and cleaners.

Our soaps are made by women self-help groups at the picturesque foothills of the Kumaon in the Himalayas in North India. The soaps are handcrafted and fragranced using natural essential oils. These soaps are made using glycerin as a result they are very emollient for the skin devoid of any harmful chemicals. You can treat your skin with our soaps.

We also have a line of soap and scrub bars made using 100% natural ingredients, made at an organic farm high up in the Kumaon Himalayas. Our revolutionary laundry solution, which is a 100% natural and environment friendly alternative to regular laundry detergent, can also be used as a dishwasher and also doubles up for washing fruits and veggies. It grows on trees, yes, and it’s the best for washing children’s clothes. It’s good for you, for your family and above all for the environment we need to care.

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