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Before the introduction of mechanized means of spinning in the early 19th century, Indian cottons and silks were hand spun and hand woven, a highly popular fabric, called the khadi. Fabrics that use mill- spun yarn but which are hand-woven are known as handloom.

Today cotton is an integral part of textiles in India. Nearly four million handlooms are engaged in weaving fabrics of nearly 23 different varieties of cotton.

The discovery of several spindles, and a piece of cotton stuck to a silver vase, revealed that the spinning and weaving of cotton was known to the Harrappans, nearly five thousand years ago. References to weaving are found in the Vedic literature on the method of spinning, the various materials used. The foundations of the Indian textile trade with other countries began as early as the second century BC.

When it comes to textile, skillful weaving techniques, vibrant colors and inventive designs combine to bring out the fascinating textile-based handicrafts of India. Popular hand-woven fabrics include silk, brocade and figured muslin, and popular hand-printed textile motifs include block and screen painting, kalamkari, batik, and bandhanis.

MADAL BAL offers a wide range of home cotton textiles. A part of our wide range includes bath mats, floor mats, table runners, bed covers, curtains, pillow covers and towels in various sizes.

Our main objective is to provide acceptable quality textile products at reasonable prices for the vast majority of our customers worldwide.

The distinguishing features of the textiles we export are made of high-quality cotton in vibrant colours and trendy designs. We also offer a range of traditional hand-crafted home d├ęcor textiles like wall hangings, sofa covers, door hangings, cushion covers, handbags and bed covers interspersed with mirrors, saree material and jari. Most of these are sourced from Gujarat and Rajasthan, which have found a recognized place as the handicraft destinations of the world.

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