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Bringing India Closer To You

For centuries, India’s creations have fascinated people all over the world. It’s minerals, forests, water and the resources within have been favourable grounds from where emerge it’s creations born out of the hands of skilful artisans.

For the last two decades Madal Bal has been serving retailers, wholesalers and individual importers from around the world to source some of the finest quality Indian products at honest and reasonable prices.

Our Promise


For Madal Bal it is not only about sourcing the products, but to reach them to the customer safely.

We do the consolidation of shipments from the various suppliers to make full container shipments so as to save freight costs for the buyers.

Before the product is dispatched quality check and inspections are ensured to make sure importers face no surprises on arrival of their cargo.

Madal Bal’s business philosophy imbibes the virtues of honesty, transparency and professionalism ensuring that the customer has a hassle-free service right from sourcing, production, inspection and logistics.

We take care of the documentation and track the shipment till it is delivered to the customer.

About Madal Bal

From a small health food store, which opened its doors in the heart of Zurich in 1978, Madal Bal has steadily grown into a multifaceted, international company. Today we have 350 employees in 10 countries.

The founder of the company, K. A. Beyer, has always been fascinated by alternative lifestyles. In 1972, while he was studying psychology, he met Sri Chinmoy and began practicing meditation. After Beyer had finished his studies, he opened his first health food store, which Sri Chinmoy named ‘Madal Bal’.

Sri Chinmoy’s simple and yet profound philosophy has not only had a strong impact on Beyer’s personal life but also influences his way of managing the company.

Today Madal Bal is a healthy, steadily expanding company. Successful trend shops rank as our main business in Switzerland, Austria, Germany, Italy and the Czech Republic.

Madal Bal, Goa

Nikhil Divekar currently leads Madal Bal in India. He has been working in the consumer FMCG space for nearly two decades, innovating products that are sold in India as well as overseas.

Nikhil started just out of high school in 2003 sourcing Indian made products for export to stores in Europe. He travelled around India with his father taking photos of various products and sending them to his potential buyers.

What started out as a sourcing assignment in 2003 grew into a full fledged export company by 2005 through a partnership with Madal Bal. 

In 2012 Nikhil was inspired to promote a health drink made from the native Goan superfruit, Kokum (Garcinia Indica). What initially started as a fun project grew into a well loved beverage company that served the drinks in a unique fruit shaped bottle.

In 2021 his beverage business was acquired by a large Indian FMCG company to take the healthy beverage across the globe.

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