From a small health food store, which opened its doors in the heart of Zurich in 1978, Madal Bal has steadily grown into a multifaceted, international company.
How everything started – The founder of the company, K. A. Beyer, has always been fascinated by alternative lifestyles. In 1972, while he was studying psychology, he met Sri Chinmoy and began practicing meditation. After Beyer had finished his studies, he opened his first health food store, which Sri Chinmoy named ‘Madal Bal’.
The human focus – Our primary goal has always been to manage our company focusing on people, be it client or employee, rather than on the pure maximisation of profit. This idea is reflected in all of Madal Bal’s business branches.
Our business activities:

Today Madal Bal is a healthy, steadily expanding company. Successful trend shops and wholesale rank as our main business in Switzerland, Austria, Germany, India, Italy, Slovakia, the Czech Republic and Hungary.


Sri Chinmoy’s simple and yet profound philosophy has not only had a strong impact on Beyer’s personal life but also influences his way of managing the company.

Every day afresh

The idea of service is one of the core elements of our company’s philosophy – always give your best, see each day as a new opportunity, face new challenges and transcend yourself constantly. This applies not only to Madal Bal as a whole but also to each of our employees.



Madal Bal opens the first shop – a health food store at the Kreuzplatz in Zurich


Our Company starts importing Canadian maple syrup and manages a successful wholesale business of health food products in Germany and Switzerland.


Further health food stores are opened in Switzerland, Germany and the Netherlands; expansion of the wholesale of health food to Austria.


Opening of the first SEWA trend shop in Graz and one year later in Vienna, where we offer a wide range of gifts and trendy decorative items, at competitive prices.


The successful concept for trend shops is adopted in Switzerland under the name ‘Preisparadies’ and in Italy under the name ‘Paradiso delle Sorprese’.


Expansion of Madal Bal into the East and founding of subsidiary firms in Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary. In these countries Madal Bal is soon amongst the most important wholesale tool companies. Subsequently, further trend shops open in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.


First SEWA trend shops opened in Germany.


Further SEWA trend shops opened in Slovenia.


Madal Bal India started sourcing products for the stores in Europe.


Madal Bal starts a business in wholesale tools and the successful concept of the SEWA trend shops in Macedonia.


In Prague, Madal Bal Studio offers services in graphics and design.


Madal Bal builds a modern warehouse in Fisibach, Switzerland.